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Homeschool Forever Simplified & Successful?
Just Some Of What You Will Learn From This Course:
Secret #1: How To Harness The Power Of Systems To Make Things Better 
Systems that work are not a matter of common sense; you have to learn how to build them. With our 35 years of training and experience, you can skip the pain and the go ahead and build an amazing homeschool.
Secret #2: How To Teach Your Kids To Become Their Own Teachers
We call this going from Mommy-Taught to Self-Taught. Once your student learns how to teach themselves anything, how can anything stop them?
Secret #3: How To Spend Less Time Teaching...To Have Even Smarter Kids
Imagine having some to time yourself to make the rest of life work! Your kids are natural learners, but until you help them unleash their own talent, you are going to be exhausted trying to learn and teach it all.

5+ Hours of Unique Practical Training + Personal Support (Private FaceBook / Live Webinars)

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and his wife Jody not only homeschooled 5 kids all the way to college (30 minutes a day combined)…They’ve taught thousands of other stressed-out homeschool parents the secrets of how to do the same thing…and they can teach you too!


I agree with this. My family has had a very difficult two years and I had let a lot of things slide. We're on the fourth week of my buckling down and getting firm (even strict) with our kids about school, chores, etc. I went through Fred's course on the 30 Minute Homeschool and that helped me a lot...

 I have a 16yo who is not doing well. He's surly, sulky, and immature. He's behind in math and his writing skills are poor. He reads amazingly fast but his comprehension leaves much to be desired.
At his last therapy appointment (2 weeks into this), our family counselor asked me, "what did you do? He's more engaged and talkative than I've ever seen him?" He's also doing chores - making his bed, washing dishes... it has NOT been easy - he is a power struggler for sure - but if I say "go split wood" he now says "okay."

...I told him to go finish the tacos (my 14yo son had made the meat) for lunch the other day and while he looked shocked, he said "yes ma'am" and got up and did it. This is a kid who would do literally nothing around the house. We still have a LONG way to go, trust me... Kristen B. (from FB, name withheld to protect the son ;-)

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