Are You Ready for Your Student To Become an
Excellent Reader?

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr.

The Problem:



It's Hard To Enjoy

What They

Don't Understand

Who Authored This Training?

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and his wife Jody not only homeschooled 5 kids all the way to college (30 minutes a day combined)…They’ve taught thousands of other stressed-out homeschool parents the secrets of how to do the same thing…and they can teach you too!
Mastering Reading Course Features & Benefits:
Just Some Of What You Will Learn From This Course:
Secret #1: Pieces
One of the essentials to growing excellent readers is to help them learn to see the various parts of what they are reading. Yes, it is word meaning, but it is more than that. When a reader learns to see the characters, and actions, things in the surroundings, the foundation for understanding is firmly in place. We'll show them exactly how to learn this skill.
Secret #2: Links

They say that associating things is the secret of genius. But, it's also a key secret for reading well. It's not combining different things, but it is seeing the link between two or more pieces in the story or article. These links are essential, and your brain can learn to see them automatically.

Secret #3: Action
Just like your own day-to-day life, there is a sequence of actions that take place. Learning the secret of how what you are reading moves along is the key for learning the 'logic' of the story or article. Once you know how it moves, then everything is both understood and remembered better. We show you exactly how to grow this skill too.

Hours of Unique Practical Training + Training Templates + Personal Support (Private FaceBook / Live Webinars)



The"reading course" (by Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand) is just so clever. 

It contains many simple ideas, but it's gold! It works in with the RC books at absolutely any level, or any well-written books, using whole books or just a page. It's delivered as video lessons for the parent to learn the ideas, and/or the children can directly listen.

From the first levels, it gives clever ways to think and ask questions about stories that are actually really fun to do. We get better at it by doing, and enjoy going on to the higher level ideas. No hurry, though! It's a way of thinking about stories and passages; nothing like a rote workbook that hurts enjoying the book. You know how sometimes analysis can kill a good story? This does the opposite, and actually makes you MORE interested in it.   
-Rosalind Cook

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