INTRODUCING: A FREE Video Training From the home educators who brought you the Writing course
How We Homeschooled our
5 Kids to Be Independent Adult Learners 
Dr. and Mrs. Lybrand started on a quest because their first child had Cerebral Palsy (whom they didn't want labeled early on), and because they wanted to make all their children strong for the challenges ahead.

As a result, they developed an approach to Homeschooling that made use of other curricula, but supplemented things with their own trainings in teaching students to become their own tutors. Most programs don't integrate the 'soft skills' kids need, along with better ways to think about family and relationships.

This video training is like sitting in their living room to hear how they did it. Of course, a few other surprises will be sent along to help you on your way!

THE 30 MINUTES is the amount of collective time we took together with all 5 of the kids (of course, we might spend more reading to them, etc.; but it wasn't required because of our systems approach to teaching the kids to teach themselves). These 6 Videos tell the story with lots of 'how to' explanation.

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