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Homeschool Mom & Dad: We are going to show you exactly how we taught our 5 kids to write well
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'Teach Your Kid to Write'
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Inside this training you'll learn about
Exactly how to teach your child to write with growing confidence and joy WHENEVER it's time to write

Homeschool Friendly

As a writer, English Lit major, and father of 5 homeschoolers, I realized we had to have steady method that DID NOT copy the failed school-system strategy


It's not just the kids, it's also the parents who need to be freed. Our heads get stuffed with worries about how the kids are doing, or what correct grammar really looks like, or how do we learn the 32 rules of commas? Not here...we're going to point to the way out!


The worst thing we often do to keep up with the schools is to over-complicate the joy of learning. This approach dares to make everything plain and understandable.
Works for ages 8 to 80


The greatest problem with learning to write is motivation. Most kids feel defeated before they start. We'll show you how to get motivation to grow from the inside out.
QUIT DAWDLING: This is what you've been looking for!
We've had well over 3,000 students our experience our revolutionary (and common sense) approach to writing

How fast can your child become
his own 'writing teacher'?
At some point you will probably realize that all education is self-taught. Any student who resists a teacher will not learn. Any student who just 'has to learn' will learn regardless of the teacher's lack of skill. When you start on the path to fanning the flame of self-teaching, you'll never look back and your children will always be grateful.
  • Your child's voice is unique...never before on earth. Once she finds it, she uses it
  • Once your student practices the Essential 3 Steps of's off to the races
  • Grammar is instinctive. Once you know this, you don't have to learn it--- you simply learn to use it.
  • The power is in discovering that you don't learn to write; rather, you really write to learn
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'Teach Your Kid to Write'
100% Privacy Guaranteed
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