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Life is very short and anxious for those who
forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future.
– Seneca

These are the obvious and subtle insights that can change everything
by showing your kids how to take charge of their own thinking and feelings
FIRST: The Uncontrollable 'Teen' (Human) Brain – bah!
What if it was just an old-fashioned lie that teenagers are a bundle of hormones and can't help how they feel? 

Well, it is a LIE. In fact it's one of the most dangerous LIES of all because it's combined with another LIE
LIE: Since you can't control how you feel, you can't control how you act.
But first, "what is a lie?" Webster's tells us that to lie is to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive, or to create a false or misleading impression.

Teens were not around at all until 1899 – well, 13 to 19-year-olds were around, but they were just moving into youth/young adulthood. Face it, David killed Goliath at 16 and Einstein had his beginnings of his theory of special relativity at 16. In the mid-1950s the term "teen" took off – I believe because it became a special target marketing group – Yep, follow the money trail. 

Psychologists and other researchers jumped on board and helped build the myth of the uncontrollable teen brain.

The boys are aggressive because of their testosterone – really? Then what's the deal with so many mean girls?

The fact is that the LIES are producing results.
  • *Teens cannot not have sex – so do it. 
  • ​*You must to be angry, sad, moody, etc., – so just accept it (or we can see if there are some meds for you). 
What a bunch of bunk! Sure, hormones are an influence, but they don't determine all behavior. Blood sugar, environment, neurochemistry, and your friend's are all influences too – but you aren't a robot. Neither God nor evolution would create this kind of mess…a lengthy stage of disruptive confusion. However, there’s a lot of money in them there emotions!
LIE: Since you can't control how you feel, you can't control how you act.
Here's the deal; every normal human (most of us) have the ability to master our emotions because we can master how we think. What if you could learn the secrets of running your emotions while you're young? What if your "teen" knew the key to not having to act like an irritated idiot (i.e. "teen") just because a feeling showed up? Frankly, the "teens" who don't follow their emotions around, don't have to follow other teens around either. Mastering one's emotions is really about being a leader.
I’m Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and I have been involved in counseling, consulting, and leadership development for over 35 years. Yeah, I know psychology and philosophy and theology – but that's not what qualifies me to help you. Here is what does:
FIRST, I grew up around a fair amount of dysfunction emotionally and socially. ALCOHOL ABUSE especially was rampant in my family system in all kinds of directions – but I'm blaming no one and nothing here – instead I locked in on a better path, a path to guide my raw feelings by learning how to guide my growing intellect.

Second, my wife and I reared our five kids from birth to college in our home and homeschool. They were active in their community and youth group, and learned the many of these principles too.

Who Authored This Training?

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and his wife Jody not only homeschooled 5 kids all the way to college (30 minutes a day combined)…They’ve taught thousands of other stressed-out homeschool parents the secrets of how to do the same thing…and they can teach you too!

All of this is part of the reason I have designed a five hour course of study with dozens of techniques to teach kids how to run their emotions by learning how to run their brains. As one student from "down under" shared with me (privately)…

"I never could've put all of this material together even in my lifetime. Thank you so much!" -J.D. - High School Senior, Australia
Wouldn’t you like for your kids to be ready for life because they're ready emotionally? Here's what a couple of moms shared after going through the material:

Have You Tried Counseling?

$80 an Hour x 4 Sessions 
(2 months) = $640
(if that's enough)

If Your Child Needs Counseling, Get It


Think about the value:
  • One-time purchase, for life.
  • ​Every member of your family can study the material multiple times…which makes the cost of this program mere peanuts. One-time purchase, for life.
  • ​You have our long-term credibility behind it…we’ve been sharing insights with great success for over a decade.
Here are the things we address:
Why Do We Get Upset & What Can We Do About It?
The Great Pyramid - How Life Really Works
Understanding the Emotions Game (and How to Win It)
The Easiest Way to Get UnUpset
The Calming Power of Logic
Overcoming the Upsets of FOINCs & Ideals
Overcoming Anger and the Would-Should World
Unraveling False Emotional Beliefs
Improving Your Life Improves Your Emotions
Ninja Tricks & A Little Help from Your Friends
  • Supplement: How to Get Patience in 2:49 Seconds
  • Supplement: Experiencing Peace and Tranquility All the Time
Who Better Than Our Kids To Give A Testimonial?:
It's Simple
We almost never have requests for returns because of the (1) Price (2) Value & (3) Use of the Course for ALL the family; but, just in case it isn't a match at first.

After completing the training, if you don't see noticeable and positive changes in your kids' emotions (or know how you can help them), I'll give you a free private coaching session for us to work on a game-plan to help your specific situation. We want to guarantee results, and this is the best way we know how to do it.
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