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Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and his wife Jody not only homeschooled 5 kids all the way to college (30 minutes a day combined)…They’ve taught thousands of other stressed-out homeschool parents the secrets of how to do the same thing…and they can teach you too!


The Problems You Face

How do you get this thing organized?
How do I motivate my child?
How do I know if they are learning?
Why are they so upset?
It's fun, but we are exhausted.
Why can't they read well?
Why do I have to remind them about everything?
Can't they figure out their own math problems?
Will they be socially awkward?
Why don't my parents get it?
What about my special-needs child?
Is this the right curriculum?
Will they really be ready for college?
Does accreditation matter? Will we get in trouble with the government?
Will they have friends?
What if we mess them up?
What else?
“This is the secret to reducing your stress as a homeschool parent, and preparing your kids to become happy, healthy, independent learners who can touch the world in their 
own unique way:”
“You Must Learn How To Teach Your Kids
To Teach Themselves (Or You’ll Have to Do It All)…”
Almost every homeschooling parent suffers occasional burnout or homeschooling stress, worried their kids are getting left behind…but it doesn’t have to be that way for you:

When you nail the secret of teaching your kids to become independent learners who know exactly how to teach themselves (no matter what life hurls at them)…

…Your stress and nagging doubts about homeschooling disappear…while your life becomes exponentially easier (and an entire new world opens up for your kids)…

“All our kids have done exceptionally well, are out of college and out in the working world…living happy, successful lives.” -Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

What are parents saying about Dr. Fred’s homeschool teaching methods?
Now You Can Get Lifetime Access to Dr. Fred's Homeschooling Library for a Surprisingly Low Price…
These stand-alone courses are anywhere from 3 to 8 hours each (with more content to be added)…

Each stand-alone course contains everything your child needs to truly start mastering each topic (so they become a part of your child’s natural thought processes), including:

Kristin's Testimonial



The 30-Minutes-A-Day * Homeschool System
* parents only

I know you have a life outside of homeschool…and plenty of stress too. In many families, both parents work, but they still want to homeschool.  That’s why I’m giving you one more bonus training that can save you thousands of hours over time.

This course is the icing on your homeschool cake…It details (step-by-step) the exact secrets to homeschooling your child in only 30 minutes a day…if that's your goal. Save as much time as you choose.

Bottom line, when you have a step-by-step system (proven through our 30 years of testing, teaching, and refining), everything in your homeschool naturally falls into place. What we learned was how to use systems to make homeschool work get done on automatic.

(The value you receive from this one course alone far exceeds the price for the entire Library)
Mastering Reading
The problem is not reading, but reading comprehension:

This unique training explains our process for hooking up a child’s brain to properly comprehend what they’re reading (or scanning). Going over the same old reading approach that isn’t working is a waste of time…

In this course you’ll learn what to really do to improve reading (including our proprietary 3-Step strategy for making comprehension occur naturally).

Mastering Emotions
The problem with emotions is we all think outside events are what’s causing upsets and frustrations…The truth is:

We’re upset because we’re thinking upsetting thoughts. Once we learn this module’s proven strategies for getting our minds to think more calmly and objectively, our upsets simply melt away.

Of all our courses, this is the one that seems to help people the fastest. Imagine a future where conflicts lessen because everyone takes responsibility for their own emotions!
Mastering Focus
The problem in an ADHD-is-what’s-wrong-world is…kids aren’t able to stay focused so they can complete their work. As an co-attention-diverse person, these lessons where learned in the laboratory of life!

If they can’t stay focused long enough to complete their work, they’ll be severely challenged through school and life.  

EVERYONE has a problem with focus because it’s a natural state…The secret is learning how to develop concentration skills:

You develop concentration skills by knowing exactly how to structure a study session (especially in your homeschool environment).
Mastering Memory
All learning is built on strong memorization skills. Yet most people never discover the power of their own memory…

The key is understanding how the brain stores information:

In this course, your kids discover how their own 'organic memory system' works uniquely for them at any moment (without having to learn a bunch of memory tricks)…

What if you could easily put a couple of pages of important facts in your memory within half an hour?

After this course, your child will wow you with their memorization skills!
Mastering Communication
Most problems in life have communication at their very core…

Employees don’t understand expectations, marriages crumble because couples talk past each other and children don’t know what parents truly want.

Kids are frustrated because they don’t know how to communicate their needs.  This course teaches them how to develop the greatest skill of all:  Communication. 

The best communicators are always at the top of the class, organization, or industry.  Great communicators go farther in life.  Period.
Mastering Goal-Setting
Many people pursue their goals in completely the wrong way. What’s worse, most people have no goals at all. Imagine the advantage this will give your students.
We don’t need studies to prove goal-setting works (but there’re plenty out there), we need to know the real ‘how to’s’ needed to make them happen. This is no-nonsense training for your kids to learn how to aspire to an even better life than you’re lovingly giving them.
In this course, your homeschooler learns how to set and achieve goals…Particularly, how to achieve goals through the exact creative process used by artists and scientists through the ages.

The Last Time-Management System You'll Ever Need

Mastering Time
There’s a simple reason why we struggle in the area of Time. In this course, your children learn what this 'secret' is and how to conquer time for good. They also learn time strategies most people don't know exist.
Your kids will also discover how to simplify their relationship with time, and more specifically, how to master time management…As well as how to conquer procrastination.

This is the organizational approach that adapts to everyone. Kids need to learn to organize themselves, no matter their job, goals, or limits.

"I've taught time management concepts for years, but Dr. Fred demonstrates a genius for simplifying and distilling key concepts for practical application."

-Col.Brian Norman, International Consultant and former commander of the Air Fore Manpower Agency, USAF, Retired [& Homeschool Dad]

Mastering Problem-Solving
Most of what we encounter in life is about solving problems. In this course you’ll learn Dr. Lybrand’s unique approach to problem solving – ‘Solutions Crafting’:

In this course your homeschooler learns how to develop the permanent solution mindset, as opposed to zeroing in on a short-term problem mindset…And how to provide real solutions to whatever life throws at them.

Of course, math is a 'problem-solving' subject, so this training is especially helpful in mathematics as well.
Mastering Relationships

Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people. -Schopenhauer

Everything in our daily lives revolves around interacting with other people. In this course your children learn strategies for understanding relationships that are far different from anything taught elsewhere.
In this course your kids also learn to connect with others on a deep, positive level…

Here they uncover the significance of truth and honesty in relationships as well as how to build strong, powerful, lifelong bonds with those closest to them.
Mastering Parenting
In this two-part course, Mom & Dad learn how to cultivate a tribe/family where everyone truly belongs; and how to grow kids who can carry on your family values throughout their lives).
This training is broken down into separate Boot Camps – One for Teens & One for Kids:
Both Boot Camps teach your family the mindset behind how to grow independent kids...You will learn how to become powerful mentors to your children; focused on preparing them for happy, successful lives.
Don’t be surprised when, years down the road, your kids thank you over and over again for what happened because of this course.


Any of These Essential Courses Are Worth What We’re Giving You on ALL 11 Courses combined!
More Testimonials for Dr. Fred's Teachings
With the Independent Homeschooling Training,
Your Kids will be on Track to Become Independent Learners 
and Leaders…


Get Access To Dr. Fred's Independent Homeschooling On Demand Training
Buy Them 1-by-1, Or Get The Whole Library For $95 Off


First, I'm building a 'tribe' of like-minded this offer may not last. Second, this isn't my primary business. In fact, I'd call it a ministry or a calling.  We really just want to boost homeschooling through amazing families like yours.

Because we homeschooled his own 5 kids, we have personally gone through pretty much every problem you’re having with homeschooling (If we didn't, then we learned about your problem from the thousands of homeschooling parents we've taught)…

We've slogged through all the potholes of homeschooling so you don’t have to…We knows how critical it is for you and your homeschoolers to overcome these hurdles

Mastering the secrets of homeschooling means the difference between your painful struggle, or the happy, successful, well-adjusted lives you want for your kids…

“Jody & I have been so blessed with the way our homeschooled kids have turned out, we want to share every secret we know with as many parents as we can.”

“I’m here to tell you homeschooling doesn’t have to be a battle.  It can actually be a hugely rewarding experience that bonds you and your children in countless positive ways…”

Because we want to build momentum for Homeschool Families who are battling past this difficult year.

- Dr. Fred

This is Why We’re Giving You Even MORE 
When You Get The Full Library
When you own the Independent Homeschool Library
we’re also making sure you have these bonuses:
Basic Mentoring Membership
  • Get training & answers to all your questions about learning and homeschooling
  • Access to our private Facebook page where Fred regularly answers your questions
  • ​Own the archive of the previous homeschool mentoring calls
12 Hours of Homeschool Training Webinars
  • The best-of-the-best training we’ve ever offered
  • ​Full deep dives on critical topics within our homeschool courses
  • ​​Thorough and advanced information on (these are additional webinar topics):
  • ​Learning
  • ​Memory
  • ​Communication
  • ​Focus
  • ​Parenting
  • ​Conflict
  • ​Emotions
  • ​Goals
  • ​Organization
Our Best 4 books For Homeschoolers (all are available on Amazon)
we’re giving you as easy downloads:

  • Parenting
  • ​​Time-Management
  • ​Communication
  • ​Dating/Marriage
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the format of these courses? We use a combination of video, audio, and some written materials. Our video style is to leverage diagrams to explain things, because a picture is worth 1,000 words. The videos are downloadable as audio files (mp3), so it's mobile with you :-)

The courses are 100% digital so you save money.  You can access the courses from your computer or phone anytime.

Do I need to purchase the courses for each of my students? No, one price for the whole family.

How long will I have access? For Life.

How much do I have to prepare for each lesson? You don’t have to prepare at all.  Ideally, you join your kids, take good notes, and make learning a ‘together’ experience.  Surprisingly, many parents say this is now their favorite part. Other parents let the kids work on the courses on their own. Since you can access it multiple times, for the whole family, you don't have to get everything the first time through. It is usually best to go through the course quickly the first time (and finish it). Then, after a break of a few weeks or months, go through it again. That is a path to mastery.

What if I have questions? No one is faster at answering your questions than we are, no one.  Even better we have periodic coaching sessions.  Jump on an ask us anything. Also, post your questions on our private FB Group and get everyone's input.

We've all heard this phrase or had the thought:
"Insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result…"

If you’re tired and frustrated during the year, you now have the opportunity to remove most of your homeschool workload by allowing us to teach your kids (and coach you):

We homeschooled our kids year-round and never felt overwhelmed or near burnout…Not because we’re geniuses…We just followed a proven system that works…
Why continue to struggle with your homeschooling?

You now have this exact same, easy-to-follow system right here at your fingertips, with expert guidance along the way (so your homeschool becomes a joy for both you and your children).

If you don’t take this opportunity, what will your homeschool look like next week, next month, next year?

Will anything change?  Or will you still be stuck in the exact same place you are now?

This is your chance to change your world so your kids can excel…
We’re here for you every step of the way...
If you have any questions at all, there’s several ways to reach out to us and get all the help you need (directly from people who have over 30 years of homeschool teaching)…
We’re here for you:  Invest in us and we'll invest in you!
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