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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: The 3 Keys to Grow Independent Learners
1. The Right Thinking
2. The Right Skills
3. The Right Purpose
4. The Right Mentoring
Secret #2: 10 Practical Gems You Can Start Using Today
Running Your Emotions * Reading *Memory * Communication *Relationships * Focus * Problem-Solving * Time-Management * Writing * Goal-Setting
Secret #3: The 3 Skills that Every Student Must Master
It's not that you don't know what these skills are, but you may not realize why they are so vital for an independent learner.
What You'll Get

  •  All 11 Independent Learner Courses ($1,000+ value) 
  •  Well over 50+ hours of training for your kids on these specific skills:  
  •  COURSES INCLUDED: Running Your Emotions * Reading *Memory * Communication *Relationships * Focus * Problem-Solving * Time-Management * Writing (Courses) * Goal-Setting
  •  12 Monthly Private Group Mentoring Sessions ($997 value) 
  •  Several Surprise Group Mentoring Sessions ($297 value) 
  •  Private Facebook Group (Priceless) 
  •  Free Upgrades to Courses (Priceless) 
  •  Friends and Family Discount on Special Trainings ($600+ value) 
  •  First in line and 50% Off on Small Group Retreats at our home in Texas ($797 couples value) 
  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,600+
  • 2 Parenting Bootcamp Trainings (kids & teens) ($197 value) 
  •  Our 4 eBooks on parenting, relationships, communication, and time ($39 value)  
  •  1 Private phone/skype session with Dr. & Mrs. Lybrand ($125 value)  
  •  Training & Permission to Tutor Writing in your home using the Writing Course($200 to $400 value per month)  
  •  Pain Free Weight Loss: This may seem weird to include, but I'm too excited about this and obesity doesn't help anyone's homeschool. My exact training on how I went from 176 lbs. to 136 lbs. in about 9 months (Jody lost 20 lbs and we've both stayed their for the past 6 months). This is a very unique approach that isn't about changing the food eaten, but exactly how to change one specific habit when it comes to how you eat anything . Basically, prayer and the Problem Solving Course figured this out!($395 value). 
  •  Surprise Extras ($200 value) 
So, What is Your Investment for a $6,000+ Value?

Enjoy the Mentoring Program for 1 Year

If you don't believe it's worth more than the investment at the end of that year, you may ask for a refund (no questions asked) and we'll have it on the way within 48 hours.